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An aesthetic nose harmonizing with your face by Op.Dr. Çağatay Ruhi.

By respecting the unique naturalness of the individual, aesthetic surgery avoids adhering to popular temporary trends and emphasizes a lasting sense of beauty that is in harmony with one's true self.

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Op.Dr. Çağatay Ruhi

Specialization and Experience

Op.Dr. Çağatay Ruhi is a specialist in Otorhinolaryngology. He graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Ankara. He has more than 15 years of exceptional experience in rhinoplasty operations.

Academic Achievements and Graduation

Op.Dr. Çağatay Ruhi's private clinic was founded in 2011. Located on the most well-known street in Istanbul, the clinic is equipped with high quality standards to provide an all-inclusive service. We are located in Kadikoy, Istanbul. Dr. Ruhi Clinic is an otolaryngology clinic providing health services to many patients not only from Turkey but also many parts of the world. He provides therapeutic services especially for runny nose, otoplasty, nasal-sinus surgery and breathing problems.

Specialization and Clinical Experience

In addition to patient satisfaction and passion, we aim to offer the best health service, superior care and assurance with minimal risks over 20 years.

Natural Solutions. Treatments

You can achieve the most accurate and natural results with the treatment that suits you after an honest talk in our clinic.

cagatay ruhi treatments

Nose Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty is a surgical intervention that enhances the harmony of the face and increases personal confidence.

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cagatay ruhi treatments

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a specialized surgical procedure that aims to correct the results of previous surgery.

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cagatay ruhi treatments


Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that improves the harmony of the face by correcting the shape and position.

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cagatay ruhi treatments

Snoring Treatment

Snoring treatment aims to achieve healthier sleep through lifestyle changes and medical methods.

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cagatay ruhi treatments

Throat Diseases

Throat diseases can cause voice changes, pain and difficulty swallowing; they are treatable conditions.

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cagatay ruhi treatments

Tonsils and Adenoid

It is a procedure performed to eliminate deformities such as curvatures on the inner and outer sides of the nose.

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Patient Comments

We are very happy hearing from you.

Esra Atalay

"Our dear doctor Çağatay Bey has been one of our family since he came into our lives. He is definitely one of our biggest chances in life with his communication, his approach to children and us, his incredibly sweet way of informing us in detail in every disease situation."

Hüseyin Ocak

"My son could not breathe at all as a result of a previous surgery. We met Mr. Çağatay and he said he needed urgent surgery. After a very tiring 4-hour surgery, my son can now breathe and sleep very comfortably. Aesthetically, it was a natural nose that suits his face very well, exactly as my son wanted."

Buğra Şentürk

"I got to know Çağatay right after my father-in-law's operation. I had an addiction to otrivine and breathing problems that I could not cope with for years. He eliminated all my breathing problems with sensitive touches that can be called velvet hand."

Serkan Topaloğlu

"I am 48 years old, due to my son's condition, we have visited hundreds of doctors in different branches since he was a baby. After meeting Mr. Çağatay, we have seen what levels both medicine and humanity can reach. I can say this very clearly, he is by far the best physician I have seen and a great communication specialist. I would definitely recommend him."

Barış Gözpınar

"I had surgery about 4 months ago, relying on his interest and professionalism. My breathing problem and deformity have completely disappeared. They never leave their interest with regular checks. Thank you very much."

Kayra Aktaş

"I went for the shape and breathing problem of my nose and had surgery. Mr. Çağatay is a very good doctor, Ms. Zeynep is also very interested thank you."

Asya Selim

"From the assistants to the doctor, from the assistants to the doctor, a friendly, sincere and very satisfied doctor that we have been gladly taking our child for years, I would gladly recommend it to everyone."

Özcan Ağaç

"First of all, I owe a debt of gratitude to Çağatay Hocama and his staff for their interest. My operation, which was performed 2 months ago, ended very well and very successfully. The follow-up during and after the process is an indication that their work is done with real meticulousness and professionalism."

Neslihan D., Turkey

"I have been Op.Dr. Çağatay Ruhi's patient for 10 years now and I couldn't be happier. He operated on me in 2021. (Rhinoplasty) surgery was without complications. Currently I am so happy with my new nose. Breathing in is so easy since the surgery. I can simply recommend Dr. Cagatay Ruhi to everyone."

Ece, UK

"Honestly, I was meticulous when I choose the surgeon for my rhinoplasty. I’ve contacted many clinics, including the most famous ones. As opposed the others, Op.Dr. Cagatay Ruhi talked to me personally via video call. From very first moment, he was so caring and assured me that he was taking my concerns seriously. It wasn’t difficult to make my mind to go with him."

Reshape yourself. Renew your life and be the one around you.

+20 Years Experience

Surgeon Op. Dr. Çağatay Ruhi has a comprehensive knowledge and experience in his field of expertise with 20 years of experience.

Areas of Expertise

In addition to his expertise in primary and revision rhinoplasty operations, Op.Dr. Cagatay Ruhi has experience in nasal surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, head and neck surgery.

Happy Patients

Satisfied patients with successful treatments are a testimony to the surgeon's exceptional expertise and caring approach, which emphasizes reliable and effective healthcare.

Intrinsic qualities

Beauty is something that is in accordance with its idea, essence and concept and must conform to the type of what it represents as a whole.

Golden Ratio

Since time immemorial, artists and philosophers have searched for a magical mathematical formula to explain all beauty and have found it in the "golden ratio".

External attributes

The secret of a beauty, attraction is hidden at this point. For all beauty, the harmonious combination of parts is important. The procedure to be performed is an artistic touch.


Beauty is the proportional combination of elements. Understanding and assimilating these concepts well is very important.

Harmony of Art and Mathematics. Personalized Rhinoplasty Treatments.


Proportions & Harmony

I am aware of how important mathematics is to ensure the most suitable nose harmonizes with the face. The ideal nose is one that is proportional not only to the overall face but also to its individual features.

Facial proportions vary, and even the right and left sides of a person's face may differ. Here, the application of mathematical principles becomes crucial. In crafting the perfect nose for you, I employ precise measurements to achieve harmony with your unique facial features.

Two key considerations emerge here: first, achieving harmony between the nose and other facial structures, such as the eyes, lips, and chin. For instance, a round jaw structure may call for a more defined nose. Second, the size of the eyes plays a crucial role in determining the width of the nose.


Communication & Disccussion

Internal harmony within the nose is crucial. For instance, a 5 cm triangular nose with a 3 cm tip height creates an appealing look.

By incorporating these ratios into facial measurements and utilizing the golden ratio, I ensure a uniquely natural and attractive nose that harmonizes seamlessly with your individual features.

Of course, I am aware of how important communication, your wishes and desires are while doing all this. For this reason, we meet on a common ground with your demands and my plans through your professional pictures before the surgery.

How is rhinoplasty applied?

Nose planning specific to you with detailed facial analysis and measurements during the surgery.

Reshaping the bones of the nose without breaking them (reshaping) and rearranging the bone roof without damaging the soft tissue.

The art of shaping the nose with an approach that respects anatomical structures without disrupting the nasal structure Fast healing process.

More comfortable painless, bruise-free postoperative process with tissue-respecting surgery.

In order to get better results in patients with thick skin, lifting the lip-nose angle without shortening the total length of the nose or using the soft tissues in the nose structure as camouflage in thin skin allows me to get better results.